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APIs for the discerning,
mobile-first business

The mobile internet’s last mile is constantly expanding and evolving. Fastah APIs make network awareness easy for products and business metrics that depend upon high-quality last-mile connectivity.

powered by maps & data

We've bottled the last-mile genie into an API that distils large data sets into actionable code.

cloud based API

Our APIs are always available, self-serve friendly and auto-scale to meet your growing product's needs.

mobile native SDK

Our lightweight, intuitive Android SDK makes network optimisation easy to implement for any software stack.

Test Drive the API

Easy integrations with multiple languages. Clear documentation, many examples. Unopinionated.


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building blocks for smarter networking

Optimise your apps to predict mobile network performance in no time.

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Easy to Integrate

Simple, intuitive REST APIs with CORS support, Android SDK, & Wordpress plugin.

Modern SaaS API

Well documented, self-serve APIs with latency and success rate metrics.

Quickstart SDK

Easy to use Android SDK to build network optimized apps for the next billion.

Data Privacy

Ephemeral and anonymous identifiers on mobile.


HTTPS everywhere by default. Anonymous identifiers by default.

Battery Friendly

Designed with attention to Android's power management best practices.

Mapping Mobile Internet in Emerging Markets







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