Building a smarter mobile internet

Fastah is a is a suite of APIs that make your app or service network-smart. Whether your users are on cellular or on WiFi, this Kit allows you to protect your product’s UX across network failures and congestion.

Our founding team has a strong DNA in software engineering, computational physics, analytics, and consumer marketing.

The Team

Siddharth MathuR

CEO & Founder
Builder of software performance APIs; HTML5 web at WebKit.org; Smartphones R&D at Nokia; Architecture & Engineering management.

Raghu Alvandar

Biz Dev & Product Ops
Consumer Research; Marketing for Drive 4G Sales for Fastah APIs; Engineering management at Nokia R&D; Enterprise sales at Wipro.

How We Work

  • Consumer interviews: We talk to potential users of our software about their pain points. We test our assumptions with them.
  • Think long term: We hope to build software products that are both grounded in consumer needs as well as based on a vision of a better mobile internet.
  • Engineering excellence: Our software and infrastructure is designed and built to give our users a high quality-of-service.
  • Operating quality: We take privacy and trust very seriously. We aim to please with our customer service.