Privacy policy for Fastah Data Manager app


The Fastah app uses the Android platform’s VPN hooks to allow or deny traffic on an application-by-application basis. It does not send your traffic, at this time, to any proxy server that we operate to process or otherwise optimize.

We also log your IP address, details about your device’s make and model, and a randomly generated identifier associated with your instance of Fastah. We use this data to debug and improve our services and may store our server logs for up to six months.

The Fastah app may log how you use your device, including unique identifiers, information about the software you’ve installed, device characteristics, information about your location and mobile carrier, the type of network you use to access web content, and how much data you use. We use this data to debug Fastah and to improve the user experience. We anonymize and/or aggregate this data and may allow our business partners access to it. We and our business partners cannot link aggregated data to individual people.

This app contains a unique ID that is linked to your device. There is no way to link this ID to you as an individual. We use this ID to auto-update your app and any extensions. We may also use this ID to collect information about the features you use and how often you use the app. We aggregate and anonymize this data to debug and improve the app and our services, and measure marketing campaigns.

If the Fastah app crashes, we collect a log that includes some information about the version of your app, your operating system, the device you use and some memory data. We collect this data with the sole purpose of improving our products and services.

Third-party components

We use Mixpanel to measure usage and marketing campaigns. You can find more information about Mixpanel’s privacy policy at