Locate the rough location of your mobile visitors
in milliseconds


City-level location for Asia's mobile apps

Superior to MaxMind GeoIP2 City

Tired of MaxMind failing to identity your visitor's locations for mobile traffic? Use Fastah's GeoIP API updated weekly with fresh data-sets that chart Asia's fast growing 4G LTE and 3G networks.



Accuracy comparison with MaxMind GeoIP City2

Paired with an application-specific behaviour, it can be used to guard critical points in the UX of an app, so that when the user moves to a suburb or is in a congested area: the experience does not degrade, monetary transactions do not fail, and more.


Integrate the SDK in no time, with our robust documentation & recipes

Identify dead zones

Are your business’s demand hotspots also connectivity dead zones?

Alert outages

Empower your front-line operations staff at the neighbourhood level.

build robust apps

Help your Ops team make better decisions based on the network intelligence from our APIs

Explore live stream

See your app’s key events and network coverage at the city level as they change.

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Why choose the Network Kit SDK, instead of building your own library?

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powered by maps & data

We've bottled the last-mile genie into an API that distils large data sets into actionable code.

cloud based API

Our APIs are always available, self-serve friendly and auto-scale to meet your growing product's needs.


Data Privacy & Respect at the Heart of it all

Predict network congestion for better dispatch and delivery

Predict network congestion for better dispatch and delivery

Predict network congestion for better dispatch and delivery

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